About Centric

Centric is a 501c3 nonprofit that connects, educates and celebrates Indiana’s innovators.

Centric® is an Indianapolis-based network of resources that connects, educates and celebrates like-minded thinkers in an effort to improve the success rate of innovation in Indiana.

Centric’s mission is to increase recognition of the state of Indiana as a global center of innovation by equipping individuals and organizations with the critical thinking skills and cultural frameworks needed to drive innovation forward. Centric fosters a community of individuals who are passionate about helping each other, their companies and their communities succeed.

Prominent research studies have identified the 21st century job skills that are critically important for the future of work and organizations. It is essential that employees across sectors and levels develop competencies like creativity, critical thinking, strategic thinking and problem solving to find and develop impactful solutions for the increasingly complex world we live in.

Centric is committed to advancing these innovation skills through its current programming, which includes a weekly Crossroads of Innovation newsletter, monthly Innovation Workshops and the annual Indiana Innovation Awards and Day of Innovation programs.

Facts & Figures


Years of Connecting Indiana’s Innovation Community


Workshop Events Have Been Held by Centric Since its Founding


Companies Have Attended Centric Events


Innovators Have Attended Centric Events


2019 is Centric’s 9th Annual Indiana Innovation Awards


2019 is Centric’s 7th Annual Day of Innovation Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Centric”?

“Centric” is the “central” meeting point, or point of focus for innovators within Indiana.

What is the Centric logo?

The points that make up the monogram represent the many people and their relationships that merge to make Centric Indiana’s Innovation Network. The monogram is seen in perspective, which suggests depth and movement. At the core of Centric’s mission is increasing the depth of innovation knowledge and moving attendees to integrating innovation best practices into their organizations.

The Centric colors are also significant. Green is the color of growth and prosperity. Blue is the color of dependability and trust. These qualities are essential for maintaining our base of support.

Why the Indiana Innovation Awards logo?

The Indiana Innovation Awards symbol is composed of two Centric monograms joined together. This mark signifies the concept of infinity. Infinity, at its very core, means without limit. This is a positive and reaffirming message signifying innovation in the state of Indiana has no boundaries, and we are here to celebrate this fact. Centric colors and typography have been carried over, reinforcing the link between the two entities.

Where do the Funds generated from events go?

Funds generated by Centric’s monthly workshops and Day of Innovation conference are used to cover our costs to host each event such as venue rental and catering. Many of Centric’s workshop facilitators and conference speakers normally charge hundreds of dollars for their content. Thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, Centric is able to charge much less.

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