October 17, 2019

Butler University

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The Power of Together

Diversity, Inclusion, Collaboration and Team Building for Innovation

Explore the Power of Together on October 17! Join us on Butler University campus for this year’s Day of Innovation conference. Expect energizing, interactive sessions on inclusion, diversity, collaboration and team building—and how these relate to innovation. Whether you’re new to the innovation team or you’ve been leading growth projects for years, there is something for everyone this year. Register now for Indiana’s premier full day innovation event that brings together hundreds of leaders and practitioners from all sectors and backgrounds.

New This Year

A panel discussion on diversity and inclusion will give you practical advice for building a more inclusive organization. Explore our micro-lessons fair at your own pace to get exposed to quick (and fun!) ideas and tools for innovation.

What’s In It for You?

Meet innovators from Indiana and beyond

Get inspired with new ideas and connections from across sectors

Learn immediately applicable methods and tools to innovate within your own organization

Spend the day in Butler University’s stunning new Andre B. Lacy School of Business

Meet the Emcees

DOI Emcee Drew Kincius

Drew Kinscius
Creative Director
beLithe, LLC

DOI Emcee NaShara Mitchell

NaShara Mitchell
Lecturer of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Butler University – Lacy School of Business

Keynote Speaker

Day of Innovation Keynote Speaker Saleema Vellani

Saleema Vellani

Social Innovator, Author, Co-Founder & COO of Innovazing,
Professor of Entrepreneurship at The Johns Hopkins University

An award-winning researcher and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins University, Saleema Vellani helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers maximize their impact through developing 21st century skills such as empathy, grit, and resilience. In her keynote, Inclusion as a Catalyst for Innovation, she will explore:

  • How inclusive innovation starts with “I”—with us as individuals—and developing diversity self-awareness
  • How to learn from those we have least in common with
  • How to embrace divergent thinking and failure

Panel on Diversity and Inclusion

Elyssa Campodonico-Barr
President and CEO, Girls Inc Indy

Jessica Trimble
Director of Communication & Outreach, Indiana Disability Rights

Shermika Duerson
Supplier Relationship Manager, Elanco

Wes Wood
Executive Director, INvets

Dr. Ed McGruder, PhD
Global Head, Research and Innovation, Argenta
Panel Moderator

Breakout Session Leaders

Alan Gray - Day of Innovation Speaker

Alan Gray
Director of Customer Insights, Herff Jones

Fail Fast? Get It Right the First Time

Benjamin Atkinson
Innovation Engineer, Toyota

Perception Mapping: Leveraging Diverse Thinking to Identify Innovation Targets in Complex Systems

Dayna Beal - DOI Speaker

Dayna Beal
Business Lead – Discovery | Marketing, DISHER

How to Develop a Culture of Innovation with Design Thinking

Stevie Cromer - DOI Speaker

Stevie Cromer
Cultural and Engagement Manager, Partner Liaison, LUNA Language Services

Creating a Culture of Care

Maria Meschi - Day of Innovation

Maria Meschi
Owner, Your Creative Accomplice

Improv to Ignite Innovation (I³)

Lisa Bosman - Day of Innovation Speaker

Lisa Bosman
Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Why Everyone Needs to Develop an Entrepreneurial Engineering Ethos

Mame Keita - Day of Innovation Speaker

Mame Keita
Program Facilitator, Peace Learning Center

Implicit Bias Overview

Clare Wildhack-Nolan - DOI Speaker

Clare Wildhack-Nolan
Program Facilitator, Peace Learning Center

Implicit Bias Overview

Marcos Hashimoto - Day of Innovation Speaker

Marcos Hashimoto
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Indianapolis

Intrapreneurship: The Innovation Engine in Organizations

Stephany Stamatis - Day of Innovation

Stephany Stamatis
Lead Design Researcher, DORIS Research

Building Empathy with Resistors

Sonal Zawahri

Sonal Zawahri
Founder/President, Tru You LLC

How Emotional Intelligence Fosters Diverse Workplaces

Julia Reich - DOI Speaker

Julia Reich
CEO (Chief Easel Officer), Stone Soup Creative

Visual Thinking Strategies for Change

Louanna Kachur - DOI Speaker

Louonna Kachur
Director of Talent, KSM Consulting

Mapping the Candidate Journey

Mary Catherina Grau - DOI Speaker

Mary Catharine Grau
Director of Marketing, KSM Consulting

Mapping the Candidate Journey

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