2018 Innovation Workshops Presented by Centric

Centric’s innovation workshops provide a curated, hands-on environment that connects you with the people, tools and resources that drive growth. Each workshop highlights a key component of innovation, led by an experienced innovation professional, and provides a stage for you to stretch your minds and network. Workshops are available in Central Indiana and Statewide.

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Upcoming Workshops

  • July 20: See and Experience
  • August 17: Customer Experience Mapping
  • September 21: To be Announced
  • November 16: To be Announced
  • December 7: To be Announced

See and Experience:

Unlock Actionable Insights with Empathy and Understanding


Work. Differently. Let’s face it. Leaving the office to spend time with customers or commandeering a conference room to create screen mock-ups out of paper isn’t a normal way of working.


Jason Grochowski, Strategic Innovation Executive, Design at Salesforce.


July 20, 2018

Salesforce Gibson Building
433 N. Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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Customer Experience Mapping for Business Leaders


Customer Experience Mapping is a key practice for businesses to be able to truly understand what customers care about and how they make them feel.


Highland Solutions


August 17, 2018

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
1029 E. Fletcher Ave.
Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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Past 2018 Workshops

Roadblocks to Innovation:

Anticipate Project Pitfalls and Overcome Barriers to Growth


Nicholas Partridge, Senior Innovation Director, LPK

Make-a-thon In A Box:

Using Toolkits to Involve Multiple Stakeholders in the Design Process


Terri Wada, President and Co-founding Partner, Collabo Creative.
Pamela Napier, Co-founding Partner, Collabo Creative

Game of Things:

An Interactive Workshop on the Internet of Things


Indiana IoT Lab

Virtual Reality A to VR:


Altered Realities VR Arcade

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