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The deadline for 2020 applications is Friday, September 4. 

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Today more than ever, innovation is the key to survival and long-term success. Those who have the aptitude for identifying opportunities, creative thinking, problem solving, and risk taking will elevate the economic base within our state and lead to global recognition of Indiana as an innovation leader.

Established in 2011, the Indiana Innovation Awards are the only broad-based innovation awards focused on Indiana. The awards seek to recognize those individuals and organizations who are successfully leading the innovation charge in our state. This annual celebration culminates at the Day of Innovation each fall.

The Only Broad-based Innovation Awards Focused on Indiana

To be eligible, the product, service or company nominated must be:

Introduced within the past 3 years

Headquartered in Indiana, or for interstate organizations, must be able to demonstrate at least part of the team behind the innovation is located in Indiana

The judging committee will look at the following criteria when evaluating each innovation:

Did the product/service meet an unmet need?

How unique is the product/service? Is this the first of its kind? If not, how is it different or better than existing products/services?

What new value has been created for the end user?

What financial evidence or market acceptance information does the product/service have to support it? What is its quantifiable evidence of success?

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